Proper Usage and Washing Instructions

Remember to follow CDC guidelines on proper preventative measures, you can read that guide here:
Prevent Getting Sick

When to use:

While supplies need to be reserved for those who need them first, medical professionals, essential workers, people caring for at risk people, etc. there is mounting evidence that face masks can be an effective tool in reducing the spread of COVID-19 when used by non-symptomatic people.

-When leaving the house
-When talking to people through car windows/essential businesses
-When interacting with anyone you need to see but don’t live with (avoid that, obviously)
-After we beat C-19, they will be great for next time you have a cold or flu and remember you have a tool to prevent the spread of a disease that kills an average of 40k a year.

How to use:

-Place securely on face, shape wire nose piece to fit so you have minimal gap between your face and the mask.
-Wrap ties around your ears and tie, once in place you can just fold your ear over and pull them off.
-When wearing, do not touch mask. Treat the outside as contaminated and wash your hands if you do.
-If you absolutely need to adjust it, don’t let outside areas in, your hands included.
-To remove, pull straight off your face from the ear ties, not letting it touch your face.
-Place directly where you plan to wash it and immediately do so, if you untie it to remove, tie it for washing.

How to wash:

Before sanitizing or washing be sure to
-Remove wire nose bridge piece if it is not washable
-Remove filter from filter pocket if it is not washable

Option 1: Steam over boiling water for at least 10 min (keep entire mask in steam, fold in half and hold with tongs).
Option 2: UV light for a minimum of 30 minutes (ideally per side).

Hand wash in warm, soapy water until it suds through. Rinse thoroughly. Hang dry in a sunny window 8-12 hours (this also sanitizes it). Ideally you should have two, wash this way daily and leave an entire day to dry to ensure there is no moisture.
Alternative washing:
Machine wash instructions: Place mask(s) in a pillow case and secure closed with a hair tie or other washable tie like a drawstring. Put bag in wash and wash as you prefer.

Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, alcohol, or fabric softener. Static cling is a critical part of surgical mask performance, these items inhibit it and break down the fabric’s structure.

C-19 Facts:
*Sheltering in place is our most effective way to reduce transmission.
*People can have the virus and have no symptoms, or mild ones.
*Incubation period is 1-14 days (average 6.5 days).
*Adults 20–44 account for 20% of hospitalizations, 12% of ICU admissions via
*Morbidity is a concern as well as mortality, some may suffer permanent heart and lung damage after hospitalizations.
*The most likely way it is contracted is particles from coughing, sneezing, talking, etc.
*6-13 feet of Physical Distancing space is recommended
*If you feel the impact of “social distancing” reach out to friends, mental health is important for physical health.
*Eat wise and exercise as you would normally, keep healthy.
*Any help you can offer others, and asking for help when you need it means we all get through this together.