We’d like to thank everyone so much for their support! With your help we have been able to make and donate so many masks.
We’ll update this page as the total changes.

Stay safe & be well!

0 masks
The total masks we’ve sold so far that have allowed us to buy supplies for donations.
0 masks
The total masks we’ve donated for free or gave away at cost so far. We couldn’t have done it without so much support!
Face masks made via pattern/tutorial:

If you have made a mask from our pattern let us know so we can begin a tally for that as well! If making our masks inspired you to make your own design or store, share that with us too, and we’ll post a link to your store or contact info. Just let us know!

Individuals in need or at-risk:

If you are in need of a mask and can’t afford one, please contact us and let us know.

Customizable, commercial quality and quantity:

If you have a large commercial need for masks made locally or custom needs, please contact us.