At FlannelBush we care very much about making a difference not just in individuals lives but globally. One way we can all make an impact right now, other than sheltering in place, is to wear a facemask when out, practice proper hand hygiene, and take care of ourselves and each other. We have put together some resources to aid in facemask sewing, facemask purchasing, and facemask donating. There is also info we gathered for washing, using, filter replacement and nosebridge wire replacement. These are all guidelines we have put together from the information available to us at the moment, as it is constantly changing we will update as often as we can with accurate information. We however only have expertise in sewing and researching internet data, please feel free to cross reference other sources for accuracy and we encourage you to let us know if information is needing updating.

Make a Facemask

The best way to help is making them.
Give away or sell as many masks as you can.
Get them in as many hands as possible.

Buy a Facemask

If you can’t make your own, buy from somewhere medical facilities aren’t, like your local sewing professional. You can buy them via Jack’s Etsy or directly from us, too. Just send us a message.

Donate a Facemask

We are making and donating as many as we can, if you want to support our efforts, you can send us fabric, elastic, thread, and/or cash (PayPal, Square and Venmo accepted).

Using & Washing Facemask

How to use and wash a face mask is crucial to their effectiveness. We’ve collected info and put it together to help make it easier to learn and share with others.

Disclaimer: these aren’t as good at filtering as a surgical mask. Washing after each use is necessary. Don’t touch it after it is in place. The idea is as many people get them, wear them, use them correctly, we can reduce spreading diseases, including c19. Learn about how bacteria and viruses spread and work. I am only an expert in sewing, not medical info.