FlannelBush | An LGBTQ Owned Business

FlannelBush is run by Meika Grimm & Jack Grimm, a transgender queer couple who share skills in audio, video, web design, development, and a whole host of eccentric talents that inform our “practical” ones.

When you work with us you are directly supporting two LGBTQ people who participate in activism and outreach for the transgender, nonbinary, and gender+ community. We do both small outreach, like the one-on-one work of educating individuals, to volunteering and representing transgender people for events, and even bigger picture work like advocating for access to health resources, empowering sex workers, and publicly sharing our personal stories and experiences. We use our voice and abilities as best we can to lift up the LGBTQIA+ community and informing the public.

If you would like to work with us regarding our activism, advocacy, or experiences please contact us to collaborate.

Jack Grimm (left) and Meika Grimm (right) at the iconic Sheats Goldstein house

Jack Grimm

Transgender man | Nonbinary / Genderqueer | Pansexual


Meika Grimm

Transgender woman | Pansexual