Your website may be the first thing a potential customer or client sees. Why not make it a good introduction?

Whether it’s a simple landing page, an interactive and impeccably designed experience, or a full content management system for your company or store, your website is your greeting and last word. Build product loyalty with consistent branding, engaging colors, and captivating content presentation.

Landing Pages:

A quick, efficient, and SEO friendly option is a landing page. It’s great for small promotions, beginner businesses and professionals, app developers, start-ups, a proof-of-concept, or high-performance SEO for single product selling platforms. Your needs are unique and we build to suite them.

Landing page examples:
– A restaurant page that shows only the menu, the contact info, and a header graphic with a logo.
– A new app concept, large detailed images of the app on a phone, simple and descriptive info and calls to action to download app.
– A book with lots to tell, info in stylized text blocks entices the visitor to learn about book and go to store links, highly search engine optimized code helps it get found.
– A professional whose resume speaks for itself, we stylize the page for the profession, intro section, resume section, goals section and contact links.
– A small business not sure where to start but wanting a website to secure their brand and put them on the map. A simple logo, image, contact info and a message for their visitors will get them off to a good start.

Interactive Experience

Sometimes you want to do more graphically, interactively, and with a dynamic representation of your ideas. When the usual landing page or CMS won’t suit your needs, you know your user’s experience needs to be custom tailored to your vision.

We help you plan the experience you want to give your visitors. From designing the visuals, interactive elements, and creative ways to present content, we will help you captivate your visitors.

Interactive examples:
– Make an idea come to life, businesses and professionals with a complicated message to convey can work with us to design a way to properly present what you want to say.
– Illustrate a simple concept as an alternative to a static landing page. Some ideas are simple but benefit from being presented in the most attractive way possible. Animated graphics, cinemagraphs (looping videos that appear as moving images), animated page transitions, animations and effects when scrolling, and many others will help your concept stand out.
– A website that doesn’t need a CMS but subtle effects are desired

CMS & E-Commerce Sites:

Most businesses and professionals need a robust website with the ability to manage their own content and sell products directly. We specialize in this area and have affordable rates for our top quality CMS sites. There are many variables in planning a store and we use WordPress and the most tried and true plugins to give the best customer experience possible. Accept orders and payments, update your own products and business info, and take control of your web presence.

CMS & Ecommerce Examples:
– An existing business wanting to sell online and build brand loyalty for it’s customers
– A new business wanting to sell only online at first to prove viability.
– A professional who wants to automate payment for services
– A small business that wants to automate as much as they can to sell online and to track inventory and visitor data to better improve sales and marketing.
– A single product store that can efficiently take orders and offer fast payment
– A large business where many products, shipping options, payment options, and customer relations can be managed through a single interface. PCI compliant payments, inventory management, sales/coupons, automatically calculate shipping and taxes and many more features for a full sized business.

Boutique Service

With our design and code concierge services we can make a completely customized website for your needs. Every step of the way is meticulously planned and implemented.

We start with planning your overall branding with you, using whatever existing materials you have and implementing them in our design vision. After that we plan goals and how to incorporate them into the website. We build your vision and work with you until you’re completely satisfied.

Unlike our other options which are based off a complete project estimate, this option is for an hourly rate as your project will be ever evolving.

If you had us design a landing page, interactive website, or CMS/E-commerce solution, you can later opt for our boutique service to refine what we built. This tends to be the best option to make the most out of your site and budget.