For PRIDE month, consider actively hiring transgender, gender-expansive, intersex, and two-spirit people as a major part of your campaign. Visibility is great, but hiring us, inviting us to places where decisions are made about us, and including us socially as you would your cis peers– that’s what matters. We’re a transgender-owned business and proud. Both of our co-owners identify as queer as well.

We also recently have expanded capabilities in application development by partnering with another company headed by an LGBTQ-identifying person, Osaka Red LLC. With these expanded capabilities we are working on an app for transgender people who are seeking Gender Affirming Surgeries & Treatments (and the variations on options known as meta, phallo, and GAHT) under the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s Gender Health Program.

Jack Grimm & Meika Grimm

A very merry start to PRIDE with a logo for Aiden Antares, a Boise-based Boylesque starboy! Follow him on IG: @aidenantares

Aiden Antares' logo based with the scorpio constelation and the Antares star dotting the "i" in Aiden