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If your website is focused on blogging, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right! Here’s a helpful link from WordPress themselves about the best way to manage your blog.

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An important component of any page or blog post is different sized headings related to their importance in the content. Most relevant content should be a “Heading 1” and the least important should be from 2-6.

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Adding Images

Images are great ways to keep your content interesting and visually engaging. Make sure you are putting them in right is very important though. Make sure you are putting “alt” text for search engines and people with visual impairment. Descriptions are also useful for the same reason.

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It’s important to categorize every post you make. Be sure they are most targeted and if you need to add a new category, you can do so yourself!

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Another useful way to organize and help users find and understand your content is with tags. Don’t neglect this important area of your new blog!

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